As a citizen volunteer

Join the movement in your area/ Start a movement in your area. For more information
Write to

You too can start a green park revolution in your area. Identify a public land and approach us. We will connect you to the local Corporation authorities and guide you through the process!

Arrange for / enroll for a tree walk. 
To participate in or organize a tree walk, write to

Survey trees in your area. 
To conduct a tree survey, download the Tree survey form and Guidelines. Volunteers at Nizhal are available to assist you with any questions write to

Report abuse of trees/tree felling by calling the Chennai Corporation.
Write to

As a corporate citizen

  • Engage with Nizhal volunteers in a green initiative as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility program; participate in various aspects of sensitive greening of an area .
  • Donate and fund a Green Initiative of your choice, --
  • 'Palliyil Nizhal ' green schools program in underprivileged schools
  • setting up of Tree Parks ,
  • setting up of Herbal Gardens
  • greening of an area/ neighborhood leading to regeneration of lost biodiversity

Our volunteers are available to assist you in your green endeavours and facilitate programs that connect your employees with communities requiring green volunteers. 

Write to


To help us continue our activities and services in more areas across the city, and to carry out further work, you can contribute Rs. 500 as an annual contribution, or a one time contribution of Rs. 3,000.

For students, the annual contribution will be only Rs. 150.  Other contributions are also welcome.

The above mentioned contribution can be made in the form of a cheque/ draft -in favour of Nizhal, or by cash/ money order to Nizhal's office at  

 T- 2, Navin's Manasarovar
18th Avenue , 86th Street, 
 Ashok Nagar,
 Chennai- 83

Contributions to Nizhal are tax exempt under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.


Nizhal ‘s poster sets of 10 native trees (in Tamil and English) ¬†highlight their common and botanical names, are provide simple to understand information on their uses and uniqueness. ¬†In order to connect with the younger generation, they are being given to Government and private schools during outreach programs .

This has significantly improved knowledge and understanding of trees, as borne out during our subsequent visits to these schools and will help in children carrying the message of tree care and nurture to their neighborhoods.


Nizhal has come out with T-shirts in 4 different sizes.(small, medium, large and XL) with  collar and without collar. Support Nizhal's activities by this contribution as well as spread word about this organisation. Be a Nizhal ambassador!

For Posters and T Shirts , please contact 97910 29568, or mail for details.